One Call Now

Last Updated: 7/29/2020 4:30 PM

One Call Now is our current automated messaging system.

To add yourself to the calling system, please click on the link for the appropriate school from the three My Info buttons below. Each school has its own link, please select one building to start. You can add yourself to additional buildings after your initial setup

My Info HS update

My Info MMS update

My Info MLS update

If you have students with the district, or you are a staff member, there should already be some information in the One Call Now System. On your first visit, if you are likely to have an existing profile, you will want to use the "Sign in" vs. "Sign up" option. If you use "Sign up," you will likely get an error saying that a "Profile already exists."

On first visit, if you have an existing Profile, the password will exist. Please enter a new password in the Password field, and enter your e-mail address in the line above as normal. This SHOULD set the password as what you entered, but it is also recommended that you change your password once you are logged in.

To change your password, once you've logged in, use the My Settings drop box on the upper right of the screen-

change password

Directly underneath the My Settings drop-down button is a link to search for additional schools to add yourself to. The easiest way to find any Yellow Springs School is to search by the Zip code 45387


You can edit the information that One Call Now has for you here as well. Each school is handled separately and is managed using the drop box at the top (see the green circled drop-down in the image below)

To add a contact choice to a school, click on one of the buttons to the right of the contact method you wish to associate with the selected school (see the orange circled button in the image below)

To add a contact choice to your profile - which will allow you to choose that method of contact in the orange step, above - click the Add button on the bottom left of the screen

contact info

You can modify your existing contact choices by clicking the paper and pencil icon on the left of each choice, circled below

contact info