Yellow Spring Schools offers to all its students an athletic program with a rich tradition. It focuses on developing its student-athletes into well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of playing as a team and winning or losing with integrity.

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Winter 2020 - 2021 Athletics Operation Plan

Junior High, JV, Varsity Basketball

Team Bus Parking:
Buses can drop teams off at the athletic entrance of the gym (Door E) and park near the bus barn during the event.
Guest Parking:
Guests will park in the parking lot directly in front of the soccer stadium.
Ticket Information:
Yellow Springs Pricing: Adults $6, Seniors/Guest Students $4, YS Students $1. Spectators will enter the spectator entrance (Door D) and proceed to the ticket table located in the gym.
Locker Room: 
There will be no visiting team locker rooms this year (COVID-19 Guidelines). Please arrive dressed for the game. Bathrooms are available near the student-athlete entrance.

Spectator Seating:
Spectators are asked to sit in family pods or individually six feet apart (COVID-19 Guidelines).  Acceptable seats will be marked with a green X.

Athletic Trainer:
There will be an athletic trainer on-site in the event that someone is injured during play; however, there will be no pre-game or post-game treatment. Any taping that needs to be done must be done at the visiting team’s home facility by their team athletic trainer. No water cooler or water fountains will be available. Visiting teams will be responsible for bringing their own water this year (see COVID-19 Guidelines).  Ice will be available during and after the game if needed. 

There will be no concessions this year.

Basketball Game Day


  • All game day personnel, volunteers, coaches, players, and officials will have their temperature taken upon arrival, and will be assessed for symptoms; records will be kept for every person who enters the Yellow Springs facility. 
  • All game day personnel, volunteers, coaches, players, officials, and spectators will be required to wear a mask or face covering at all times. The only exceptions are for the players and officials who are currently on the court during warm up and during the match. 
  • All game day personnel, volunteers, coaches, players, officials, and spectators will be required to maintain six feet of social distancing at all times. Exceptions are for the players on the field of play during the match, players on the bench or team area and for those who live within the same household as each other.
  • Anyone with a fever of 100.4º F or higher, or who is experiencing symptoms, must stay home. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at convenient locations
  • Do not share towels, facial coverings, water bottles/other drinks or food


  • All student-athletes and coaches from visiting teams should be screened for symptoms and have their temperature taken prior to departing for the Yellow Springs facility. 
  • All student-athletes and coaches from visiting and home teams should have their temperature taken by their team coach upon arriving at Yellow Springs, before entering the facility. Records should be kept. 
  • If a student-athlete and/or coach shows symptoms of COVID-19 or has a fever of 100.4º F or higher, they cannot attend the athletic event, and the athletic director must immediately contact the opponent school to determine if the competition will be played. 
  • Coaches must provide the opponent coach a roster with checkmarks to show that each student-athlete present has been screened; please do not record temperatures on this sheet, just place a checkmark. 
  • Visiting teams need to bring their own equipment (ie: water coolers, water bottles, water, hand sanitizer, etc.). 
  • Athletic trainer will only be present to care for injuries that occur during the match. 
  • No locker rooms will be provided; please arrive dressed for the match. 
  • When there is a doubleheader, both teams are allowed to arrive and enter the facility together, but the second team playing must stay in the visiting team’s bleachers during the first match. 
  • Gameday roster maximum is 15 players per team. For home games, all players on roster may stand or sit in their team’s bench area; for away games, only the 15 rostered players may travel with the team. 
  • There will be no pre-game or post-game handshakes; the pre-match meeting will occur at the center of the court between the center official, one captain from each team, and one coach from each team. 
  • All post-game team meetings should occur on the team’s designated bench (socially distanced) or on the bus. 
  • Student-athletes, coaches, and personal items should be socially distanced on the bench. 
  • No congregating may occur before or after the match at Yellow Springs facilities. 


  • Spectators will not be allowed entrance to the facility until 20 minutes before the match begins. • While standing in line for entry, spectators must maintain six-foot social distance (marked by a green X. 
  • Only family members of players will be allowed to attend matches (Maximum of 2). 
  • Visiting team spectators will sit in the bleachers directly across from their team's bench and in the Dog Pound.  Home team spectators will sit in the bleachers directly across from their team’s bench and in the Dog Pound. Entry will be through the spectator’s entrance. Exit will be through the athlete's entrance door. Directional signage and floor markings will assist in directing spectators with traffic flow. 
  • All spectators must maintain social distance with the exception of those who live within the same household. There will be a green X on the bleachers to designate available seats and to indicate six-foot distancing. 
  • No spectators are permitted to be on the playing surface at any time. 
  • No spectators are permitted to be in the team bench areas at any time. 
  • No gathering or congregating of any kind may happen before, during, or after the match at Yellow Springs facilities. • If there is a double/triple header, all Middle School spectators must leave prior to spectators for the second match entering the facility, unless the spectator has a child on both teams. 
  • Spectators should immediately go to their cars at the end of the match and wait for their student-athlete(s) there.

Team Travel Days

Number of bus riders needs to be communicated the day prior to an away match. 

While waiting for the team bus after school, student-athletes must change into their uniform in the locker room.  A coach or chaperone must be present with their team while waiting for the bus. 

Prior to boarding the bus, all student-athletes and coaches/chaperones must have their temperature taken and recorded, and be assessed for symptoms. If anyone has a fever or is positive for symptoms, the coach must immediately contact their athletic director so the athletic director can contact the opposing team’s athletic director to decide if the match will be played.
All student-athletes and chaperones/coaches must wear a mask or face-covering while on the bus. 

Upon arrival at the opponent’s facility, temperatures must be taken again and recorded. 

A roster must be provided to the opposing coach (or site supervisor) with checkmarks indicating the student-athletes and coaches have been screened. Temperatures should not be recorded on this roster. 

Travel Roster Limitations

Basketball: 15 players per the ODH and OHSAA 
Bowling: 12 players per the ODH and OHSAA 

Transportation for away games will be provided by Yellow Springs and are voluntary. Student-athletes are permitted to ride to and from away games with parents.  A signed consent form must be given and approved by the coach prior to departure.  

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