Strategic Plan

Last Updated: 9/7/2021 5:36 PM

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Strategy 1: Improve Teaching & Learning

Strategy 2: Create an organization based on equity where all decisions are made through the lenses of antiracism, equity of opportunity, and equitable practices

Strategy 3: Create a strong staff culture resulting in a strong student culture

Strategy 4: Work collaboratively with students, parents and the community for our collective success



Class of 2020 Strategic Plan

Yellow Springs Schools have a longstanding reputation for encouraging critical thinking, individual creativity, respect and appreciation for diversity, and authentic learning in science, the fine arts and the humanities.The public schools are a vital and integral part of the Yellow Springs community and provide an education based on the belief that small schools can provide big opportunities.

Along with students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members, our school board has set out to create a proactive plan that furthers the reputation of Yellow Springs Schools as one of the most progressive and innovative school districts in the nation. The 2020 Plan identified a clear set of six strategic priorities and associated goals that serves as a roadmap for the future of our schools:

  1. Make Sure Our Students Succeed
  2. Create an Innovative Teaching and Learning Model
  3. Develop High-Performing and Diverse Faculty, Staff and Administrators
  4. Fund the Future
  5. Ensure a Functional and Supportive Learning Infrastructure
  6. Explore New Structures for the Education System

Work is underway to create our new plan for the future of Yellow Springs Schools!


For more information on the history and evolution of the 2020 Plan, you can access a full copy of the plan (pdf file) and the most recent board update (PowerPoint file) to the left, under Downloads.